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Re: [shark] can we user hibernater in shark 1.0 release?


No you can't because the contribution hasn't been maintened and I do not have
time to do it. The code has been written to be understandable by people that
use Shark. What I mean is : if people are able to understand the dods layers,
with a minimum knowledge of Hibernate, they should be able to understand and
maintain the hibernate layers.

For sure, possible contributor would have to learn Hibernate and Shark concept
and classes and so on, but if there is a motivation, this is not impossible.

Shark team has announced in a previous mail that the Hibernate layers were
removed from the build process, but they are still in the source code.

That is a pity that nobody maintened them, and actually I do not have time to
implement each modification that are introduced to the interface.

Vladislav Pernin

Selon ljr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:

> can we user hibernater in shark 1.0 release?

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