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RE: [shark] can we user hibernater in shark 1.0 release?

I think it's  good to shark to use a more widely used and accepted technology 
like Hibernate for persistence,
I think that DODS isn't a good ORM framwork..

        -----Original Message----- 
        From: Chris Custine [mailto:chris.custine@xxxxxxxxx] 
        Sent: 2004-9-22 (星期三) 22:07 
        To: shark@xxxxxxxxxxxxx 
        Subject: Re: [shark] can we user hibernater in shark 1.0 release?

        I am sure this has been asked already so forgive me if this is flame
        bait.  I am totally unfamiliar with DODS, but is there any particular
        reason why you would not use a more widely used and accepted
        technology like Hibernate for persistence?  I understand that it is
        probably a mostly political decision, but the question has occured to
        me several times so I just thought I would ask.
        On Wed, 22 Sep 2004 11:49:07 +0200, Vladislav Pernin
        <vladislav.pernin@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
        > Hi,
        > No you can't because the contribution hasn't been maintened and I 
do not have
        > time to do it. The code has been written to be understandable by 
people that
        > use Shark. What I mean is : if people are able to understand the 
dods layers,
        > with a minimum knowledge of Hibernate, they should be able to 
understand and
        > maintain the hibernate layers.
        > For sure, possible contributor would have to learn Hibernate and 
Shark concept
        > and classes and so on, but if there is a motivation, this is not 
        > Shark team has announced in a previous mail that the Hibernate 
layers were
        > removed from the build process, but they are still in the source 
        > That is a pity that nobody maintened them, and actually I do not 
have time to
        > implement each modification that are introduced to the interface.
        > Regards.
        > Vladislav Pernin
        > Selon ljr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:
        > > can we user hibernater in shark 1.0 release?
        > >
        > >
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