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Re: [shark] can we user hibernater in shark 1.0 release?


I didn't take time to identify the gap between implemented interfaces and the
current interfaces, Shark guy may help you on this issue.

The thing is that I have written the different layers (about 10 layers and 
10 000 lines) in the same way that the dods one were coded. But the 
stuff, because of the architecture choice made by Shark (I'm not critizing)
which allow you to use Shark as a library is not flexible at all. So the main
"bad" point in the code written comes from this specific part and the buffer.

Moreover the layers still contain some bug that I hadn't identified during
development. It would have been good if some guy would have used and tested 
layers to identify to remaining bug, then what usually happen in os community
would have "profitate" to the layer to improve them.

Else this is just simple mapping and sometime checking.

If we only look at the fonctionnal point, there is no change regards to the 
layers. The purpose of the layers is just to provide a framework for managing
objects intances easily. So the most difficult point is to learn Shark 
shark model.

Do not hesitate if you have specific questions to ask me directly.

I do not want to be negative, but if someone work again on developing O/R
mapping layer for Shark, we have to make sure that it will be maintened. I do
not have time to look at each modification of the interfaces in the CVS head
and perform the matching code development.


Selon Stephane Carrez <Stephane.Carrez@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

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> Hi!
> Vladislav Pernin wrote:
> |
> | That is a pity that nobody maintened them, and actually I do not have time
> to
> | implement each modification that are introduced to the interface.
> |
> Yes.  I'm also in favor of hibernate as it's widely used and understandable.
> I'm not able to build Shark from the source because DODS ant task crashes.
> Don't know why; don't know where to look at;...  With hibernate it would
> have
> been easier.
> How difficult is it to resurect the hibernate part?
> Can you quantify the changes you made on the DODS side and that were not
> taken into account?
> Depending on the complexity, I may have a look at that.
> Stephane
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