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Re: [shark] can we user hibernater in shark 1.0 release?

Hello Stephane

on Wed, 2004-09-22 at 18:49, you wrote:
> Vladislav Pernin wrote:
> |
> | That is a pity that nobody maintened them, and actually I do not have 
> time to
> | implement each modification that are introduced to the interface.

I couldn't agree more, Shark *almost* got alternative db layer, but...
Vladislav has finished his work (on hibernate implementation) before we
did finished interface... :(
At that time Shark was *beta*, and we were extensively changing things
(interfaces included). Now, as version 1.0 is released, I doubt
interfaces will change that much :).

> Yes.  I'm also in favor of hibernate as it's widely used and understandable.
> I'm not able to build Shark from the source because DODS ant task crashes.
> Don't know why; don't know where to look at;...  

Can you share with us, what's the problem with DODS generator? We should
fix it anyways. How does it crash?

> With hibernate it would have been easier.
> How difficult is it to resurect the hibernate part?
> Can you quantify the changes you made on the DODS side and that were not
> taken into account?
> Depending on the complexity, I may have a look at that.

In HibernatePersistentManager there are exactly six (6) methods throwing
PersistenceException("Not implemented yet!"). Also Buffer has been
changed in the meantime.
As for the bug we saw originally, there are problems with restoring
process/activity variables (read: BLOB columns) from database, but we
didn't investigate further.

I would recommend to go component at a time. There are eight separate
database components, but most important are InstancePersistence, buffer
and counter (SharkUtilities/Hibernate).

If you decide to do it (or anybody else), we'll help you as much as we

Vladimir Puskas
Together, Serbia

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