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AW: [shark] Process must have some requester

Title: AW: [shark] Process must have some requester

Hi Sasa,
you are right with your assumption. The subflows are asynchronous and the "Main" process already finished - because of a fault

inside our implementation - just before all subflows finished. After Correction - waiting for Finishing all subflows - it works.

And what i meant was, is there any Possibility - except recreate DB - to have access to the Subflow Processes, in such a case were

the "Main" Process is lost, so that I can abort/terminate those?

And some more additional questions, especially synchronous and asynchronous Subflows.
What ist exactly the difference between them?
We need to start two or more Subflows in parallel, which are of course should be executed in parallel and not in a
serial way. Is this possible?

Thanks, Manfred H.

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Von: Sasa Bojanic [mailto:sasaboy@xxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Gesendet: Dienstag, 28. September 2004 17:11
An: Shark
Betreff: Re: [shark] Process must have some requester


from your description, I assume that you use asynchronous subflow.
Also, you are probably deleting the "Main" process from DB before asynchronous subflow finishes, and this is why you get this

If above assumptions are correct, it is a bug in Shark - it shouldn't throw such exception in the case of asynchronous subflows.

The workaround solution for you would be to not delete "Main" process from DB until asynchronous subflow processes that are started

from this process does not finish.

Thanks for reporting,

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From: <manfred.hagenauer@xxxxxxxxxxx>
To: <shark@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Wednesday, September 22, 2004 11:16 AM
Subject: [shark] Process must have some requester

> Hi everybody.
> During our tests with the Shark Engine, we are now blocked with following symptom.
> We tried to start a Workflow, which itself starts some subflows. If in some cases
> the "Main" workflow completes and the Subflows hangs up, its no more possible to abort or get any response from the remaining

Subflows. We tried also to abort the Processes via the ExecutionAdministration, but in any case we got a BaseException "Process must

have some requester". Only solution is to recreate the DB, so that we can Reload the XPDL Definition. And we think this is not the

best Solution.
> Our Idea is to use a new Requester for the "lost" one. But if, how can this be done?
> Any Idea, some other Comments are welcome.
> Best regards from Austria


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