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New Web Frontend for Shark


We would like to contribute our developed Web frontend to Enhydra Shark.
It provides more functionality than the original JSP client. These are:

- a more functional administration client
- a user client with some additional features

The user client shows for every task an description, it's workflow (as a png
and optional asmall forum. It also differentiate between (optional) given
workflow variables
and workflow (mandatory) variabels to fill out.
Our system also provides a new persistant manager, that sends email to a
user, who has a
new task to accept.

Most things can be configured without recompile.

A compilation is very easy using Apache Ant.

It runs out of the box (WAR archive).
A small readme is included.

Because of the size of the package (shark's libraries are very big), we can
only send a link where you can download it. It is


If you have questions regarding the code or the functionality feel free to
contact me or alterantively Mirko Ebert (mirko.ebert@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)

Mathias Holst

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