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Questionaire answers (late)

1. Your name?
Vojtech Huser

2. The name of your organization?

University of Utah
Dep of medical informatics

3. What type of business are you in?

4. How many users are working with your Shark based application?

5. How many process definitions are you using?

6. How do you use Shark: through CORBA service or by plain old java objects 
(as a library)?

we plan library use

7. Which database vendor do you use with Shark?
MYSQL, Oracle

8. Do you have any special (component) implementation of internal interfaces?
java functions

9. Do you have any special tool-agents?
Yes. For accesion our database

10. Short description of your shark environment (in which kind of project do 
you use it, specific usage, configuration, ...)

To use it for checking processes in healthcare whether they conform to 
published clinical guidelines. 

11. What feature would you like Shark to have next?

more example files
better logs for running processes
(separated by process instance)

12. What do you not like in Shark?

13. What do you like in Shark?


14. Are we allowed to use your Information for Marketing Purpose? If yes, 
which Information are we allowed to use?


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