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Issue while running configure.sh


We downloaded shark-2.0-1.tar.gz and extracted it.
While running configure.sh, we are getting the following error:

java] Import job No. 1 is started.

     [java] SQL statement CreateTables1 is started

     [java]      Error in SQL statement:
     [java]             Create table ProcessDefinitions
     [java] (
     [java] Name  VARCHAR (254)  NOT NULL     ,
     [java] PackageId  VARCHAR (100)  NOT NULL     ,
     [java] ProcessDefinitionId  VARCHAR (100)  NOT NULL     ,
     [java] ProcessDefinitionCreated  VARCHAR (254)  NOT NULL     ,
     [java] ProcessDefinitionVersion  VARCHAR (20)  NOT NULL     ,
     [java] State  INTEGER NOT NULL     ,
     [java] oid  DECIMAL (19,0) PRIMARY KEY     ,
     [java] version  INTEGER NOT NULL
     [java] )

     [java]     Error : Because OnErrorContinue Attribute is false
application is terminated

file:/usr/local/shark-1.0/configure.xml:124: Java returned: 1

Please can you guide us as to what could be wrong? 

Thanks a lot in advance,
Best Regards,

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