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Re: [shark] New Web Frontend for Shark

Hello Vladimir,

> we'll gladly include it in Shark with your permission, but I would like
> not to depend on java.lang.StringBuilder. Up till now, we maintained
> following rules for the components dependencies:
> * engine (internal components) are J2SDK 1.3 compatible,
> * while our client applications are 1.4.

I replaced all occurences of StringBuilder with traditional String

> Once inside Shark sources, this excellent example won't carry around
> that much foreign jars. At the moment we're busy in other areas, it
> would be great if you can refactor build process to fit into Shark
> modules, otherwise we'll do it, eventually.
> regards
> --
> Vladimir Puskas
> Together, Serbia

I also modified the structure of this project so that it fits into Shark as
a new JSPClient called
JSPClient2. Since we use the libraries, repository and dodsconf directory of
Shark now (instead of
local copies of them), the size of the zip is reduced nearly by factor 2.

The new archive can be downloaded by the old URL:


Mathias Holst

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