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Re: [shark] A few implementation doubts

Aparna Sivakumar <aparna@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote :

> Hi,
> In my team, we are trying to develop a business process in which I need
> to code the following modules:
> 1) File flow in the process - document flow from one activity to another
> (a File as a Data Type in XPDL that is input/output in the activities) -
> how can this be achieved.
> 2) Mailing with file attachment - Has anyone extended the Mail Tool
> Agent to send attachments also in the mail.
> 3) Just to confirm, right now Shark supports only the basic data types -
> String, Integer, Float, Boolean, etc, right?
> How does one go about including Java type data inputs - Array,
> Enumeration, for instance. 
> Any pointers/direction would be extremely helpful.
> Best Regards,
> Aparna
> ----------------------------------------------------------
> Netcore's New Website
> http://www.netcore.co.in
> ----------------------------------------------------------


1) as Daniel already explained, it's better to use references to files

2) as we know, nobody extended mail tool agent (or implemented its own 
MailMessageHandler), but it shouldn't be the problem

3) shark supports Basic XPDL type, but it also supports custom classes to be 
used as variables (even abstract classes or interfaces can be used), and this 
is defined through XPDL's ExternalReference type. See 




The only thing that is required is that the class is Serializable and that it 
is in the class path when the shark starts.

This classes can also be used in ToolAgents and expression evaluation which 
provides a lot of possibilities.

The testWRD.xpdl example that comes with shark shows the usage of some custom 
Java classes.


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