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Re: [shark] A few implementation doubts

Hi Aparna,

this is what we do:

There is an Activity at the beginning of the process which creates a directory named after the process instance. We call it scratch directory. The path of this directory is put into a process variable via an out parameter.

All the following activities which produce some sorts of files create these files inside the scratch directory. Actually files can also be directory trees.

Activities that produce files or trees put the path to whatever they produce via out parameters into process variables.

Activities that consume files or trees get the path to whatever they consume via in parameters from process variables.

I wonder if someone knows how to do it better.

As activities run one after another you will always need some kind of buffer to pass data from one to another.

Of course it would be nice to be able to pass data directly between activities, like with pipes and processes in a UNIX environment.


Aparna Sivakumar wrote:


In my team, we are trying to develop a business process in which I need
to code the following modules:

1) File flow in the process - document flow from one activity to another
(a File as a Data Type in XPDL that is input/output in the activities) -
how can this be achieved.

2) Mailing with file attachment - Has anyone extended the Mail Tool
Agent to send attachments also in the mail.

3) Just to confirm, right now Shark supports only the basic data types -
String, Integer, Float, Boolean, etc, right?
How does one go about including Java type data inputs - Array,
Enumeration, for instance.
Any pointers/direction would be extremely helpful.

Best Regards,

Netcore's New Website


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