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Re: [shark] output from JavaClassToolAgent to a workflow variable

Hi Vojtech,

we are running the whole shark server inside eclipse. Eclipse is IMHO the absolutely greatest tool for java programming and debugging.

As we have added a special class loader that loads tool agent classes when it comes to running the tool agent i.e. without having to restart the shark server we have short coding - debugging cycles. (You already know it)

Just set a breakpoint and instantiate the process in the shark admin tool. If it fails just terminate the process change the code and instantiate again. Thanks to eclipse it is often possible to edit the code while debugging. The eclipse debugger tries to let you debug a method from the beginning if you changed some code during debugging.

BTW: Eclipse is smart enough to allow the whole shark source tree to be made into an eclipse project making development a lot easier and faster than with ant and simple programming editor tools. Tool agent classes can be devoloped as another such project just refering the shark project. Setting up all these project things is definitely worth the effort.


Vojtech Huser wrote:

Also is there any tips and tricks on how to debug your own Java tool.
Like can my class still have a main method when I compile it, put it to a jar, load it to shark, etc......Will it bother Shark?.

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