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Re: [shark] output from JavaClassToolAgent to a workflow variable


Dirk Hoffmann schrieb:
BTW: Eclipse is smart enough to allow the whole shark source tree to be made into an eclipse project making development a lot easier and faster than with ant and simple programming editor tools. Tool agent classes can be devoloped as another such project just refering the shark project. Setting up all these project things is definitely worth the effort.

I have been trying for ages to get excatly that done. Didn't succeed, since shark uses make which seems to set some further variable within the ant(build.xml) files.

You would do me a *great* favor if you would give some assistance or documentation on how to use shark-source-tree within eclipse. :-> (it would probably be a lot help already if you could publish or mail the eclipse .project file)

I tried eclipse 2 and 3, cvs-checkout, source.tgz.

What I get done is add binary(compiled) librarys to a project and assign some source files. This is pretty much work however and has to be redone everytime source gets refactored. :-<

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