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Re: [shark] Missing source files

On Sun, 2005-01-30 at 17:56, rwoerz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> I've checked out all Shark modules and tried to compile (make
> buildAll) but failed because of some missing files in the package
> org.enhydra.shark.utilities.dods.DODSUtilities (e.g. CounterQuery,
> CounterDO). Due to the API-documentation (see
> http://shark.objectweb.org/doc/1.0/api/SharkUtilities-DODS/index.html)
> these files belong to this package but in fact they are not in the
> repository (see
> http://cvs.forge.objectweb.org/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/shark/Shark/modules/SharkUtilities/DODS/src/org/enhydra/shark/utilities/dods/)
> Did anyone forget to add them?

They're deliberately left out, since all of them are created during the
build. You'll notice more of these in other DODS implemented components:
instance persistence, event audit, ... :-)

It looks like DODS generator failed to do it's task.
Did you perform configure beforehand? 

Vladimir Puskas
Together, Serbia

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