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[shark] PostgreSQL 8 issue for 'ERROR: value too long for type character varying(254)'

 (Maybe it's an old known issue, but) 
 I would like to share my issue with Postgresql 8.0.0 beta3(bin) with
pg7.2*?*.jar (driver)

 I got this error when accessing postgresql with Shark :
   ERROR: value too long for type character varying(254)

 I found corresponding issue (by replacing 'varchar' types by 'TEXT') :

 * Check that 'shark' user exist on postgresql DB, unlike do a
'$PG_HOME/bin/createuser' with 'shark'
 * dropdb sharkdb
 * createdb sharkdb

 * vi $SHARK_HOME/conf/sql/postgresql/sql/shark-hibernate-all-modules
 * :s/character varying(254)/TEXT/g   <== replace all 'character
varying(254)' instance with 'TEXT'
 * :wq

 * vi $SHARK_HOME/conf/sql/postgresql/sql/CreateTables-usergroup.sql
 * vi
 * vi $SHARK_HOME/conf/sql/postgresql/sql/CreateTables-eventaudit.sql
 * vi
 * vi $SHARK_HOME/conf/sql/postgresql/sql/CreateTables-utilities.sql
  * :s/VARCHAR\ (254)/TEXT/g  <= replace all 'VARCHAR (254)' instance
with 'TEXT'
  * :wq

 * $SHARK_HOME/configure.sh
 * check that 'objectid' table exist 
 * check that this name is the same as in $SHARK_HOME/conf/Shark.conf

 Warning :
 I dont say / know  about productive environment, 
 maybe Shark's experts could confirm or not about wich table.column type
could be replaced by 'TEXT' type without loosing time process...so if
this issue is correct way..

Hope this help.



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