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Re: [shark] waiting for an ativity

Hello, Sebastian.

In pre-conditions of your activity E, set the Join type to AND (the default join type in JaWE is XOR). The field is accessible only if you have more than one incoming trasitions. This setting will result in startig activity E only after all incoming transitions are finished.

Best regards,

sebastian.schick@xxxxxx wrote:


In my process I have some activities which using ToolAgents for executing some java programs. I start the first activity via my application and then all other will be started automatically. After finishing the last automatic activity, another manual activity will be started. The problem is that I need to know when the last manual activity is started. The application has to determine this, because after starting the first activity and the execution of the other activities should go on…

        activities B..D will be started by WFE;
        manual activity E will be started by WFE;



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