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Re: [shark]

Hi again :-)

There are at least two solutions - you can choose, depending on yor application: 1. Use a tool agent to call back your application (either instant or asynchronously by sending a message). 2. Design your application to monitor the process - periodically request the state of the process and wach for a change in it. Here you can set a pre-defined WRD (workflow relevant data - simple variable) to a pre-defined value in step E. You will need to hold the process key in your application, to query the process' state. Probably you will need to set the workflow engine not to delete the finished processes (this is the default setting in the original Shark.config) in order to be able to check the process if it finished between the generation of result you're watching and the next turn of your check.

There are more details to consider in each option, but you'll need to face them yourselves as I don't know your process and development environment.

Best regards,

sebastian.schick@xxxxxx wrote:

Hello Monique,

I expressed the problem wrong I guess. My problem is not, that activity E 
will not start properly. The problem is, I need I solution that my 
application notice, if the activity E starts. That means the application 
complete activity A and then right after it also wants to complete activity 
E. Of curse the application as to wait for finishing activities B..D. But how 
should the application notice this?



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