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Re: [shark] updating workflow relevant data

Hello Ben

you wrote:
> So now I'm defining my xpdls.  I need to define some data at the
> process level.  If I recall, the last time I tried this (about 3
> months ago), the only solution was to spawn off separate cyclical
> activities which can do this.  Is this still the only way to
> accomplish updating process variables?  I think it'd be much cleaner to
> just do something like:
> org.enhydra.shark.WfProcessImpl.setProperty(String key, String value) Is
> there a way to do this?

On activity use

On process use

where theMap contains key:variableDefinitionId - value:varValue

See example 5 in
http://shark.objectweb.org/doc/1.0/HowTo/how_to.html#d0e172 and

Vladimir Puskas
Together Serbia

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