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About building Shark with ant

I've get the src of shark from the cvs by the eclipse cvs functionality, and 
then create an ant build environment in eclipse.
When I execute the "Build project" command, there is an error says:

BUILD FAILED: D:\JavaPrj\Shark\build.xml:516: The <foreach> type doesn't 
support the "trim" attribute.

Below is the build.xml code around the error:

   <target name="buildAll" depends="prepareBuild">

      <mkdir dir="${shark.dir}/doc"/>
      <foreach list="${sequence}"
      <antcall target="buildWRD"/>
      <ant dir="${shark.dir}"
         <property name="db_pgsql" value="# D"/>
         <property name="db_hsql" value="D"/>
      <ant dir="${modules.dir}/SharkTests" target="buildAll" 
      <antcall target="docbook"/>

   <target name="buildAmodule">
      <ant dir="${modules.dir}/${toSee}" target="buildAll" 

And if I move the "trim='yes'" from the code, there is another error says:

BUILD FAILED: D:\JavaPrj\Shark\build.xml:530: Basedir 
D:\JavaPrj\Shark\modules\ SharkCORBA\API does not exist
BUILD FAILED: D:\JavaPrj\Shark\build.xml:516: The following error occurred 
while executing this line:
D:\JavaPrj\Shark\build.xml:530: Basedir D:\JavaPrj\Shark\modules\ 
SharkCORBA\API does not exist

The error is also from the above build.xml code:

<ant dir="${modules.dir}/${toSee}" target="buildAll" inheritAll="false"/>

the ${modules.dir}/${toSee} include a blank in the path. Note that 
"D:\JavaPrj\Shark\modules\ SharkCORBA\API", there is 
a bland between the "D:\JavaPrj\Shark\modules\" and "SharkCORBA\API" which 
make the path cannot be recognized.

How can I deal with the errors?
Any reply will be appreciated!


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