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Re: [shark] 'DODS_HOME not set' error when building shark


> I've get the src of shark from the cvs by the eclipse cvs functionality,
> and then create an ant build environment in eclipse.
> When I execute the "Build project" command, there is an error says:
> makedodsnodoc:
> BUILD FAILED: file:../../../input/build/dodstargets.xml:30: DODS_HOME
> not set
> I have set the DODS_HOME to D:/JavaPrj/Shark/util/dods and also append a
> -DDODS_HOME=D:/JavaPrj/Shark/util/dods to the top calling of ant.
> While does this error ocurr?
> Any reply will be appreciated!

Please, go through configure & make procedure. It would use the proper Ant
and DODS generator jars with all the properties set. After build is
finished, all you need to refresh project inside Eclipse, without the need
to set up ant build.

See also

hope this helps
Vladimir Puskas
Together Serbia

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