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Activity Context Assignment

hi everyone,
             i want to set the dynamic description of activity at the
run time instead of static description at the time of designing of
process.so for this i had gone through the 2-3 options please let me
know the which is the right one so that no performance degradation 
occur and no limitation will take place . The Option are following.

1) I can specify in the Extended Attribute of Activity with some basic
set of rules and the string specified in extended attributes value after
the parsing , i can append it to the static description. In this case
reading of extended attribute may be or may not be time consuming.

2) I can specify at time of designing of process in the description
field of activity with some set of rules . 

3) And i can do  it by WfCreateProcessEventAudit means at the time of
creating of activity .Please come on this point with more details
because i don't find out the exact way how easy is it to get information
about the activity such as Extended Attribute etc .

With Thanks and Regards
 Ruchir Shrivastava



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