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Shark multithreading


We implemented a timer which calls Shark to recalculate the deadlines at given time interval (gets the DeadlineAdministration interface and calls its checkDeadlines() method). Each call is in a separate thread. Sometimes we recieve exceptions that some process instance is locked. We were curious what happens with the rest of the processes - if Shark recalculates their deadlines too or stops at the locked process.

I took a look at DeadlineAdmin.checkDeadlines() method and found that the execution stops at the first error occured, which means that we cannot use Shark in multithread environment, as it always waits for the locked process to finish.

I suppose that similar problems can also arise in other situations where many processes can be attended in a bunch.

We are using the stable version 1.0 from 9 September 2004. Unfortunately, we cannot afford to use the CVS versions and we will wait for the next stable release (which the Shark team promises to release very soon).

Please advice us if these multithreading problems will be solved in the new stable release.

Best regards,


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