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 I encountered a problem of DODSLockmaster. It fails with error "Timeout
expired waiting on process_id" When DODSLockmaster lock the process
instance. Eventually I found there will be two transactions committed
respectively while operating the process. The first one is process
transaction which deal with data related to process instance, and the
other deal with the lock table on the occasion that the first
transaction release. Only the first transaction commits successfully and
the relative process instance will be locked for ever. This case allways
happens when the networks works not well.
 configure SimpleLockmaster as the lockmaster will solve this problem in
case of shark run on one virtural machien, but how
shark solve this problem in a distributed environment? Will Shark commit
the two transaction together instead of seperation?
         haijun.xu@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:haijun.xu@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 

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