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How tu use WMFilter ?

Hello !
I would like to get some of the Workitems in a specific activity instance, but not all of them. I put an object identifier in a workflow variable and i would like to get all the workitems that have a given value of that variable. For example, i put "ID_1" and "ID_2" in my workflow variable called "id" for two process instances. And i would like to get the workitem which "id" value is "ID_1" and that is in an activity (for example "act_3").
I saw that we can use WMFilter but i don't understand how. Does anybody have an example of how to use it ?
My idea was to get all the workitems and to filter them on the activity name and "id" value...
Maybe it's not the good solution, i don't know, i'm a workflow beginner :-)
Thank you very much

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