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Re: [shark] reevaluateAssignment


which users will get assignments for an activity depends on assignment manager plug-in component you use. You could i.e. write your own assignment manager, which would map Participant Id from XPDL to the users of your system by contacting LDAP or database.

When you use shark through swing admin application, shark is configured to use StandardAssignmentManager but with defined UserGroup and ParticipantMapping sub-plugins. In admin, you could can create users through 'User management->Accounts' section and then to map XPDL Participants to your users and groups through admin's 'User management -> Mapping' section. Then, when your process executes activity which is in XPDL assigned to a Participant that is mapped, StandardAssignmentManager will consider mappings, and all the users mapped to this Participant (either directly or belonging to the group that is mapped to the Participant) will get an assignments for this activity.

On the other hand, when you are using shark from your Java app, you probably use StandardAssignmentManager without defined UserGroup and ParticipantMapping sub-plugins (since they are currently the part of shark admin project), and in that case SimpleAssignmentManager will not consider any mappings, but will assign activity to the user that created the process.

In your use case, it seems that you were using admin application which uses SimpleAssignmentManager with defined UserGroup and ParticipantMapping plug-ins, and have mapped participant to the user(s), and everything worked properly. When you were using shark from your java app, you were also using SimpleAssignmentManager but without UserGroup and ParticipantMapping plug-ins defined. (NOTE: admin combines SharkAdmin.conf and Shark.conf file in order to create Shark configuration)


Seb Brother wrote:
Hello !
I would like to understand how the assignment works in Shark.
I have a simple process with 2 activities : START > Act1 [System] > Act2 [Human mapped to a declared Shark user] When i instanciate this process from the Admin interface, the Act2 instance is in the user worklist. Nice... BUT when i do the same in my Java app, the workitem is in the admin worklist. I need to click on the "reevaluate assignment" in the admin console to fix it. (i use shark beta 1). Does that mean that i will always have to execute "reevaluateAssignments" in my Java application ? But when... ? I suppose i missed something but i can't see what :-(
Thank you for your help !
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