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AW: [shark] Shark 2.0-beta2 released!

Hi !

Enhydra Shark is strictly conformant to the standards defined by WfMC and 
OMG: XPDL, Wf-XML, OMG&WfMC client API's, etc.

It therefore offers compatibility and interoperability with other engines. A 
nice example can be found here: 

Alfred Madl

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Von: Frans Thamura @ Intercitra [mailto:frans@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Bereitgestellt: Dienstag, 20. Juni 2006 20:35
Bereitgestellt in: Shark
Unterhaltung: [shark] Shark 2.0-beta2 released!
Betreff: Re: [shark] Shark 2.0-beta2 released!

Sasa Bojanic wrote:
> Hi,
> Enhydra Shark 2.0-beta2 is released.
any strategy to compete with JBPM?


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