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Re: [shark] Newbye question : Enhydra Shark X Enhydra Server (what's the difference)


Shark is mainly a library, but the distribution comes with enough tools around it to test it and run it standalone.

Amongst the various possibilities available with distribution, you can

- start the standalone swing application. This one connect to DB and use the library in direct access - use the Corba Server and the Corba client, those allows for sharing of a server accros multiple client, using the corba protocol.The clients provided with distribution are using swing. -use the .war archive which is made of a set of JSP using the library in direct access
-use the webservice interface (I never tested it)


David Delbecq
Gilson DElrei wrote:
Hello all,

I have downloaded the Enhydra Shark but i didn't get to launch the Workflow
Server (i think that i am mistaken about the concept) , as i thought that
this tool will be. I'm a little confuse about the differences about two
tools. I have some questions:

- Is the Enhydra Shark a Workflow Server or only a framework to start using
wfmc workflow specification embeded in my application?
- Is possible to keep the Enhydra Shark engine Alive ? In positive case, is
the Admin Swing the Server start tool ?

- I need of the Enhydra Server together with Enhydra Shark to execute my
workflow application (to simulate a workflow interoperate setting using
wf-xml) ?

- When I start Enhydra Shark (runSA), am i using a workflow server embed in
admin swing application ? In positive case, how to use it to manipulate my
application ?
- Is there some picture describing the interaction between applications and
the workflow engine ? I think that i didn't understand the concept it and
visualize the interaction in the cenary is more simple.

Sorry english is not first language.

Thanks in advance.



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