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ToolAgent for WfXML operations


I am trying to create a new toolagent that offers some WfXML functionality.
Since I need to use shark WfXML functionality I need to import some stuff. I
tried to add the needed import statements to the new toolagent class like

import org.enhydra.shark.wfxml.SharkWebServiceLocator;
import org.enhydra.shark.wfxml.WfXmlRegistryBindingStub;
import org.enhydra.shark.wfxml.types.NewDefinitionRq;
import org.enhydra.shark.wfxml.types.NewDefinitionRqDefinition;
import org.enhydra.shark.wfxml.types.holders.NewDefinitionRsHolder;

With these import statements I get an error message that these packages
can't be found when I try to compile shark (1.1-2).

How can I use these packages in a new toolagent class?


Pierre Poenisch
University of Technology Chemnitz, Germany
Fingerprint: CB7F F23F D950 644D 838B  215A 550F 75EC 64D9 6827

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