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Asynchronous Subflow

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Hi Guys,
Question regarding Asynchronous Subflow, wondering if someone could help me out. As I'm new in the world of Workflows, please excuse me - if not using the correct technicals!!
I'm working on a scenario where - I have a series of Activities and one of the activity (Activity B) is a Subflow in Asynchronous executionMode. Task of this Asynchronous Subflow is go to another Participant (Swimlane) and perform a task comprising of a series of activities.
As this subflow is in Asynchrous executionMode - the control creates a process at the other Participant/Swimlane/Level but does not execute it (As expected). But then the control comes back and starts progressing further ahead towards "Activity C".
My question: Is there a way that that I could get the current workflow process "WAIT" untill the process at Subflow is processed?
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Ambrish Marwaha

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