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Re: [shark] AW: Error trying to lauch Admin Swing

I'm using version 2.2 beta demo. I have tested with many JDK versions as
possible (1.3,1.4,1.5...) and i already have reinstalled it trying others
configurations and ommiting the ClassPath (as could be a old version java
package installed in my system). I'm using Windows XP.

Now I downloaded and installed the Shark Server and got it executing
successfully - unfortunatelly it's a demo version and maybe to test the user
patience display a dialog window that delay the process at least 15 seconds.

Shark workflow doesn't start yet.
I tried to download the 1.1.2 version, but give impression that  the politic
of the open source has changed here and the link has been removed (Oh,
itsn't a disk space problem!)... maybe by comprise the Admin Module embeded

Some suggestion ?
thanks in Advance.

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