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AW: [shark] AW: Error trying to lauch Admin Swing

Hi again !

1) Together Workflow Server 2.0 Beta 2 Admin application is just working with 
Together Workflow Server 2.0 Beta 2 since it is using extended client APIs 
that are just available in the product / demo. The Admin application of 2.0 
Beta 2 is NOT working with the open source project.

2) Yes, we removed old version to save space on ObjectWeb (we were asked to 
reduce project sizes), but we still provide these versions if needed. We did 
some days ago e.g. for "Enhydra Server"...

3) If somebody is willing to host the old versions somewhere and provide a 
public download link, please feel free to do so and send the link to this 


Alfred Madl

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Von: Gilson DElrei [mailto:gilson.delrei@xxxxxxxxx]
Bereitgestellt: Donnerstag, 29. Juni 2006 23:16
Bereitgestellt in: Shark
Unterhaltung: [shark] AW: Error trying to lauch Admin Swing
Betreff: Re: [shark] AW: Error trying to lauch Admin Swing

I'm using version 2.2 beta demo. I have tested with many JDK versions as
possible (1.3,1.4,1.5...) and i already have reinstalled it trying others
configurations and ommiting the ClassPath (as could be a old version java
package installed in my system). I'm using Windows XP.

Now I downloaded and installed the Shark Server and got it executing
successfully - unfortunatelly it's a demo version and maybe to test the user
patience display a dialog window that delay the process at least 15 seconds.

Shark workflow doesn't start yet.
I tried to download the 1.1.2 version, but give impression that  the politic
of the open source has changed here and the link has been removed (Oh,
itsn't a disk space problem!)... maybe by comprise the Admin Module embeded

Some suggestion ?
thanks in Advance.

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