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AW: Integration of Shark/JaWE in Mandriva Corporate Server

Hi Francois !
Thanks for the info. Very good news :-)
The notice is really VERY short and we have a workshop with a customer in 
Vienna for their Shark integration next week. So we will not be able to come 
next week. But I want to assure that we will support this task...
Let me give you a short view on the current project status:
1) JaWE
JaWE 2.04 is the current stable version. We are working on:
A layout algorithm (respecting "swimlanes") instead of the usage of 
proprietary XPDL extended attributes
A "Shark" specific configuration supporting Sharks view of XPDL
 for version 2.1 about end of summer.
2) Shark
Shark 2.0 Beta 2 is available since some days. Shark 2 corrects a lot of 
issues of version 1:
No "locking" of process objects, optimistic concurrency in the kernel 
delegated to the persistence layer
Exception injection on the client API for exception transitions
Fully based on JTA transaction support (instead of old Shark/DODS 
Full implementation of the WfMC client API, support for stateless EJN session 
Time profiling now possible for DODS instance persistence layer
Improved ActivityFilterBuilder and AssignmentFilterBuilder APIs
Extended internal plug-in APIs
Improved datamodel for process variable persistence
Support for multivalued process variables
Added client API for XPDL browsing 
ORDER BY support for the Filter API
Restructuring in the plug-in APIs
Introduced time profiler for measuring time spent inside shark methods 
"automatic start"/"manual finish" mode combination allowed 
ToolAgent loader and Scheduler tool agent are enhanced
Many bug fixes
We are currently working on:
Support for "schema" type variables
Improvement of the architecture in the 
Assignment/UserGroup/ParticipantMapping area
Corba/EJB/Webservice wrappers
A configurable XHTML/XForms worklist client
We expect to have Shark 2.0 final in approximately Septermber 2006.
Hope this helps.

        -----Ursprüngliche Nachricht----- 
        Von: Francois Letellier [mailto:francois.letellier@xxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
        Gesendet: Fr 30.06.2006 17:05 
        An: Madl Alfred - Together AT 
        Cc: shark@xxxxxxxxxxxxx; jawe@xxxxxxxxxxxxx; Anne Nicolas; 
        Betreff: Integration of Shark/JaWE in Mandriva Corporate Server


        Mandriva is willing to integrate Shark/jaWE 
        (along with other ObjectWeb projects) in its Corporate edition. 
        So as to facilitate this operation, we propose to 
        meet during the upcoming "RMLL" (see 
        to deal efficiently with technical issues that 
        may arise. We organize a meeting there (technical 
        only, focused and informal) on July 6, afternoon. 

        Although this is a very short notice, we feel 
        that it would help a lot if someone from the project could 


        François LETELLIER 
        INRIA Rhône-Alpes - ObjectWeb Consortium Executive Committee 
        email: francois.letellier at objectweb.org - 
        cell: ჭ (0)6 84 64 00 24 - Skype: 
        francois.letellier - Gizmo: francois_letellier 
        blog: http://os3g.blogspot.com/ ObjectWeb: http://www.objectweb.org 

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