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Re: [shark] trouble with XPDLBrowser and WMFilters


when you call listEntities method for a given process entity, you get only first-level entities of the process: e.g. ProcessHeader, RedefinableHeader, ActivitySet, Activity, Transition, ... If you want to get BlockActivity entity, you must provide Activity entity as a parameter to a method call.

Look at XPDLBrowserImpl class where you can find listAttributes and listEntities methods as well as the main method (which will unfortunately throw you NPE but you can see whats the point).


Joao Nelas wrote:
Hi all,
I'm having some trouble with XPDLBrowser and WMFilters.

I have some code like this:

 WMFilter filter = new WMFilter("Type", WMFilter.EQ , "BlockActivity");
 filter.setFilterType(XPDLBrowser.SIMPLE_TYPE_XPDL );
WMEntity[] ents = browser.listEntities(shandle, process, filter, false).getArray();

assume process is an WMEntity representing a process.

basically I'm trying to get a list of block activities from that process, but the array always comes back empty.
Is there a recursion limit on the listEntities method?

I've encountered what I think is a similar problem trying to list activities. I have to manually recurse the ActivitySets, the XPDLBrowser seems to stop after some recursion level.

João Nelas

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