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AW: [shark] Building Open Source Release

Hello David,

you will find WMProcessDefinitionStateIterator in sharkclientapi.jar
This Class is part of general SharkAPI-sources.
Secondly SharkInterfaceWrapper can be found in sharkclientutilities-misc.jar,
where the source is part of SharkClientUtlities.

Hope this helps, regards Manfred

-----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----
Von: David Scholefield [mailto:d.scholefield@xxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
Gesendet: Donnerstag, 30. August 2007 11:04
An: shark@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Cc: shark@xxxxxxxxxxx
Betreff: Re: [shark] Building Open Source Release

David Scholefield wrote:
> Hi,
> As part of studying Enhydra Shark, I have tried building the release 
> from CVS While configure script executes, running "make buildNoDoc" 
> resulted in
> 46 compilation errors.
> The first of which is that the class  WMProcessDefinitionStateIterator 
> cannot be found.
> I have tried to build one of the test programs (ManualTest.java) 
> individually and have run into similar compilation problems with 
> missing symbols (SharkInterfaceWrapper in this case) and none of the 
> jars within the cvs release contains this class.
> Do you have any advice where I the jars are that contain these classes?
What I meant to type was "where can I find the jars that contain these 

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