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UPM participation in this working group

Hello all, 

UPM is interested in being part of this working group. I will try to explain 
in a few words the nature of our collaboration in this WG, we have followed 
the template provided by the leader of the deployment group to organise the 

1) your vision of the system management

Our vision of system management is addressed towards a distributed set of
embedded gateways, managed from a control center through the usage of
different sets of networks, such as Internet, GPRS, et cetera. This is
part of the end-to-end service demostrador in the OSMOSE WP4.

In our context, system management is the capability of obtaining the
state of a given set of network elements in time (including either
software, hardware and network usage), accounting for usage of resources,
execution of the activities that allow for keeping the system
stable and coherent, and ensuring the system performs within quality margins.

2) your scenario and use cases

The aforementioned gateways present several key issues as regards
system management:
- they are heterogenously configured and deployed; each of them contains
possible different hardware and software elements,
- the system state in terms of configuration is under constant change (due
to the installation or removal of new service implementations, for example),
- the procedures for management are not completelly under the control of the
system manager (the end user may install a piece of hardware or software on
his sake),
- security and accounting of the management procedures is specially important
since they are providing services to end-users.

To a reasonable extent these tasks could be mapped to nearly all the areas of 
proposed by the system management group leader:
- Component/container Monitoring
- Events and alarms notifications
- Management agents
- Component state control
- Configuration management
- Fault management and recovery
- Management protocols (SNMP, CIM, ...)
- Management interfaces definition
- Management data model specification

As mentioned, our collaboration will be focused on the remote system 
especially as regards the configuration management, this is, the storage and
keeping updated the sets of hardware and software elements

3) the ongoing work

As mentioned, our collaboration in this working group will be closely
related to the end-to-end service demonstrator in the Osmose WP4. Up to now, 
work has been devoted to the provision of a system registry where information
about software elements can be stored and publised as an XML document.

Our plan is to extend this database with information about physical elements,
and the description of their dependencies (a kind of "hardware deployment
descriptor"). Thus, the information about both software and hardware elements
can be unified, as well as the dependencies management. The unified registry
may well be installed in each of the platforms, in the control center or in 

Also current work is towards the provision of management agents for those 
that require supervised operation.

4) products available and the state of these products (industrial, 

There are several open source and commercial systems that have traditionally 
for system management. Amongst them, OpenView (from HP) is perhaps the most 
used in large installations.

5) the future directions
- self-healing system
- self-monitoring
- zero administration systems

6) Man power figures.
1.0 persons/year

Regards, Jose L. Ruiz
UPM Universidad Politcnica de Madrid
ETSI Telecomunicacin
Madrid, Spain

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