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Fwd: A few lines on System Management

Dear partners,

This is a forward of a mail from Kelua. It describes
their point of view on System Management.


Cristina Díaz
Telefonica I+D

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Dear Cristina,

I send by error the previous message which is uncomplete.
I resend the complete one.
1) I am not registered in the System Management mailing list. I shall do it. But can you formward this message to the whole group.

2) Here are a few lines on my understanding of System Management :

System management has been presented during the last meeting as a task with a very broad scope. I fully agree with the proposed ideas
I however suggest to start the work with a focus on architectural aspects : in the context of OSMOSE, System management should be understood as
management of systems compliant with the ObjectWeb architecture i.e.systems compliant with FRACTAL or the adapted version for OSMOSE.
According to this architecture a component is acomposition of sub-components through a controller, which can/should implement various interfaces : content-controller, binding-controller, lifecycle-controller,.... and can/should interact with binders, factories respecting specific interfaces.

The overall view of a component is globally given by the previous figure .

A way to tackle the management problem in OSMOSE is thus (1) to start with the identification of "elementary controllers" that can be later composed together to obtain high level "controllers" and (2) to explicitely focus system management on services and facilities provided to administrators for managing the specific components controller required by specific needs (such as security, distribution, class loading, ...) on different OSMOSE platforms. This could cover :

-    installing/removing new binders (CORBA, RMI, ...) to connnect these services and to associate them to specific sub-components or group of subcomponents.

-    installing/removing specific factories, loaders.

-    defining a rather generic lifecycle controller making it possible to enforce some specific negociation protocol enforced during system reconfiguration.




Francois Horn




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