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Telefonica I+D scope and work plan ideas

Dear partners,

During these two weeks we must decide the scope of System Management 
framework. In that sense Telefonica I+D have done a document describing their 
interests and  system management state of art that has something to do with 
Telefonica I+D interests (JMX. J2EE, OSGi and Fractal). Finally we have 
written out the goals we want to achive whithin this framework and a proposal 
on how to achive them.

By the moment the document contains only Telefonica I+D point of view. I 
suggest every partner to give their point of view in order to add their 
requirements and to define all together the scope of SM and a work plan that 
fullfills every partner interests.

I will apprecite then any comments about the document as well as any 

Best Regards,

Cristina Díaz

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