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Re: [transaction] Involved Projects presentations

Hi Zakaria !

        You are welcome !

Currently, no implementation of J2EE Activity Service is still available but we planned to cover such specification with the JASS (Java Advanced tranSaction Support) Project which would be an implementation of J2EE Activity Service promoted by ObjectWeb and supported by Ricardo Jiménez-Peris. If you want to attend to the next transaction workshop where J2EE Activities would be detailled, you are welcome too!

Information about Transaction Workshop are available at :
- http://www.objectweb.org/phorum/read.php?f=16&i=123&t=123

Best Regards,

Le 23 déc. 03, à 21:54, Zakaria DERBAZI a écrit :

Hi Roman,
First of all i was looking for a projects* that rely on the implementation of advanced transaction model on EJB then i found the JOTM project. im thinking about implementing at least one model (Saga, Multithreded, CNT...) but till now im confused about :
1. Using the J2EE Act Service
2. Extending XA Protocol.
But i think the easiest way is to proceed with the J2EE Activity Service.
i ve already posted a message about that topic on jotm mailing list.
Your suggestions are welcome
best regards.
* : for my engineer degree diploma.

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