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Minutes of the 1st ObjectWeb Transaction WorkShop (January 13th 2004)


Here are the minutes from the last ObjectWeb Transaction WorkShop organized in the context of the /ObjectWeb Architecture Meeting on January 13th 2004/:

This workshop was the first try to bring people interested in Transactions together. There were 11 people attending to this half-day session mostly dedicated to presentations of ObjectWeb Transactions Projects.

The topics for presentations were open and we collected 3 presentations:
- JASS Project: Implementation of the J2EE Activity Service Specification [1] - GoTM Project: Framework for building full transactional solution based on various standards [2]
- JOTM Project: Implementation of the J2EE JTA & JTS Specifications [3]

Next, the discussions were about possible convergences between those projects. Interactions between projects like JASS and JOTM or JASS and GoTM could be defined. In the context of the ObjectWeb Transaction Working Group [4], we are trying to define a simple and modular Application Programming Interface (API) [5] dealing with transactions purpose. So the interactions between projects may be modeled through particular API such as the Working Group API ones. Transaction Components developed in projects like Perseus [10] (Concurrency components) or TransLib [11] (transaction components in ADA) could be reused in the context of the GoTM Project and their API could be standardized in the context of the Transaction Working Group. Generic components like components for the management of resources, pools, events, ... could be extracted from their original project and reuse in any project interested in such features.

*JASS* (submitted to ObjectWeb - soon available) is currently trying to provide a full implementation of the J2EE Activity Service Specification using MBean components. This implementation is based on a Generic Activity Service MBean Component on top of which are developed various High Level Service Mbeans (e.g.: Open Nested Transaction Personality). The Activity Service may require to interact directly with the Transaction Manager MBean (when integrated in the J2EE server as it).

*GoTM* [6] is working on the definition of a component-oriented framework for building transactional solutions. So GoTM is a library composed of various Fractal components which implement functionalities like concurrency, transaction or resource management. Fractal components could be assembled and personalized through standardization components for providing implementation of a particular standard (JTA, OTS, Activity Service, CCS). GoTM deals also with platform integration thanks to plugins like Jironde (integration of transaction into Fractal components) or JOTDF (integration of Transaction Demarcation into containers). Finally GoTM provides also tools for designing, assembling, executing and managing your transactional solution.
*JOTM* [7] is the first Transaction Project of ObjectWeb. This project is about the full implementation of JTA Specification. The priorities of the project are now the support of the Java Connector Architecture and a full recovery support in order to provide full J2EE compliance. So a project called HOWL (for High-speed ObjectWeb Logging) has been started recently for implementing transaction recovery journals. JOTM will also study the possibilities of integration with the JASS Project for providing a full J2EE Activity Service support.

        So we define two tracks for the Transaction Working Group:
- a *Short Term* one: this track groups projects like JOTM or JASS and discussions addressing topics like Transactions Standards, Transactions Integrations, ... - A *Long Term* one: this track groups projects like GoTM and discussions about advanced transaction models, transactions architecture, new generation of transactions, ...

        The current Objectives are:
- to *define an API* dedicated to transactions. This API could cover transaction monitor design but also transaction use cases ... - to *write documents* (White Papers, Specifications, Documentations, ...) describing the activities realized in the context of the Working Group.

Additional slides of the WorkShop Session [8] and the WorkShop outcomes [9] are also available.

/The next Transaction WorkShop will be organized in France (maybe in February) ... if you are interested in attending or presenting your work, you are welcome!/ Just contact me :)

[1] JASS Presentation: http://www.lifl.fr/~rouvoy/transaction/2004_01_13_ObjectWeb_JASS.pdf [2] GoTM Presentation: http://www.lifl.fr/~rouvoy/transaction/2004_01_13_ObjectWeb_GoTM.pdf [3] JOTM Presentation: http://www.lifl.fr/~rouvoy/transaction/2004_01_13_ObjectWeb_JOTM.pdf [4] Transaction Working Group: transaction@xxxxxxxxxxxxx (http://www.objectweb.org/wws/info/transaction) [5] Transaction API: http://forge.objectweb.org/project/showfiles.php? group_id=84&release_id=326
[6] GoTM Project: http://gotm.forge.objectweb.org
[7] JOTM Project: http://jotm.objectweb.org
[8] WorkShop Welcome session: http://www.lifl.fr/~rouvoy/transaction/ 2004_01_13_ObjectWeb_TxWelcome.pdf [9] WorkShop Outcomes: http://www.lifl.fr/~rouvoy/transaction/ 2004_01_14_ObjectWeb_TxWorkshop.pdf
[10] Perseus Project: http://perseus.objectweb.org
[11] TransLib: http://lsd.ls.fi.upm.es/lsd/papers/2000/jcsse00.pdf

Best Regards,
Romain Rouvoy - PhD Thesis Student
INRIA Jacquard Project - GOAL Team
Laboratoire d'Informatique Fondamentale de Lille
UPRESA 8022 CNRS - U.F.R. I.E.E.A. - Batiment M3
Universite des Sciences et Technologies de Lille
59655 Villeneuve d'Ascq CEDEX France

Phone: +33 (0)3 20 43 47 28
Fax: +33 (0)3 20 43 65 66
E-Mail: Romain.Rouvoy [at] inria.fr
Home: http://www.lifl.fr/~rouvoy
See Also: http://openccm.objectweb.org

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