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Fwd: [jotm] ont context


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De: "malik saheb" <malik.saheb@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 7 mai 2004 10:57:05 GMT+02:00
À: "'Zakaria DERBAZI'" <zacqaria@xxxxxxxxx>, <transaction@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, <jotm@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Objet: RE: [jotm] ont context

<x-tad-bigger>Hi Zakaria, in the Open Nested Transaction Model, locks are completely released. Basically an Open Nested Transaction has a similar behavior as a flat transaction but in case a parent or ancestor aborts, a compensation action may be applied.</x-tad-bigger>

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In the cnt model, each child terminating its part of work will bring back the context and hence the lock to its parent, but in contrast, is ont-model transaction releasing the locks only for its parent or using say a FIFO policy?

i need to know how locks are managed in ont-model among transactions.

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