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Soutenance de thèse de Sergiy Nemchenko

j'ai le plaisir de vous inviter à la soutenance de ma thèse intitulée :
"Modèle de transactions avancées et modèle à composants"
La soutenance aura lieu le mercredi 13 septembre 2004 à 14 heures sur le
campus du l'Université de Valenciennes et du Mont Houy dans le bâtiment
ISTV2, salle 70E.

During last years we may observe the quick development of distributed
applications. This effect is evoked by quick development of hardware and of
programming models. As a result, the programmers can create the more
complicate software, which uses a lot of computers and servers. At the same
time, the requirements to the quality of provided services are increasing
too. The non-functional services are created in order to satisfy this
The transactional service allows to create the reliable distributed
applications in spite of the possible execution failures. But usually the
new applications need the long transactions. However, the existing
transactional services don’t perform their charges in those conditions. As a
result, the applications with a good potential, executed on powerful
hardware can be blocked because of inability of transactional service which
is intended for the less powerful applications.
The advanced transactional models are intended to solve the problem of long
transaction use. The analysis of different models shows that the Open Nested
Transactions correspond to the needs of component based distributed
applications. This transactional model allows to commit the sub-transactions
without waiting for the commitment of the top-level transaction. In the same
time, this model requires the presence of the compensation mechanism. This
mechanism has to manage the compensations, caused by associated
transactional manager in order to assure the database consistency in the
case of failure.
In this work we propose to extend the transactional service used by the
component based platforms to the Open Nested Transaction model. We had begun
from the proposition of compensation mechanism for the transactions executed
by components. Than, we had studied the influences of compensation on the
transactions, executed simultaneously or after this compensable transaction.
At the end, we had proposed the mechanism allowing the non-conflict
cohabitation of the classical and advanced transactions (or, more exectly,
of the classical and open nested transactions).

Keywords: distributed applications, transactions, compensations, component
based programming

Tel: (33) 3 27 51 19 59
Fax: (33) 3 27 51 18 29
LAMIH / ROI - Universite de Valenciennes
Le Mont Houy
59313 Valenciennes Cedex 9 - France

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