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Transaction WG

Hi Romain,

As discussed, please find below ISCAS proposal for the transaction working group
in the framework of ObjectWeb and Orientware cooperation.  It is agreed that

OnceTX will be released as open source under lgpl.

The main contact person on  ISCAS side is Mr. Xin Zhang who you already know.

I also copy the JoTM team as they might be interested as well.

The idea is now to discuss and see if we can define common objectives and workplan
for a joint work on transaction. Kindly review and provide feedback to this proposal.

Regards,    Julie

WG: Transaction processing in component based middleware


This working group deals with advanced transaction models and transaction frameworks to implement the models, which include:

  • Research and analysis of existing advanced transaction models

  • Approaches and techniques to implement these models

  • Some metrics for the approach of supporting the models

  • Some new approaches to combine existing research of each partner


Our goal is to combine OnceTX and GoTM, by using ETM TX engine outside of J2EE to complement GoTM framework.


Although powerful, the Flat model has been found lacking in flexibility and efficiency when used for collaborative, loosely coupled or long-running applications, and a number of extended transaction mechanisms are emerging for coordinating Web and Grid services. What is required is a component framework which defines basic transaction mechanisms that can be customised to support a given extended transaction model, ensuring interoperability across existing transaction managers.

  • First, we define the elements that build up a transaction model and the mechanism of assembling these elements, and propose a meta-model for transaction models. We’ll formalize and make some minor modifications to the meta-model in order to extent it outside J2EE environment.

  • Second, we propose a framework for supporting transaction models in J2EE platform, by restricting the entity beans as the only entrance for data accessing and enhancing its concurrency control. This framework is proposed in J2EE environment and implemented on OnceAS and JBoss. Some new techniques should be taken so that this framework could be combined with other partner’s product.

  • We need to extend our work outside of J2EE platform, especially to combine the framework with GoTM.

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