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Re: [wsabi4j2ee-dev] Build Wsabi (and other questions)

+1 for wsabi4ee

Guillaume Sauthier wrote:

Hi all

Why the wsabi build doesn't create the wsabi4j2ee-core.jar and wsabi4j2ee-api.jar committed inside JOnAS ?

Is there a 1.0.0 tag ? JOnAS' version.properties says WSABI4J2EE_API_1_0_0 but I can't see that Tag in the CVS !
version.properties should have a wsabi4j2ee-core.tag too ...

Is there some news about the name change ?
'j2ee' is a registered trademark and shouldn't be used in project name. more j2ee doesn't exists anymore ;) now this is Java EE ;)
Any ideas for a new name ?

wsabi4ee ?


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