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Rocks: some XMLC ideas

Hi -

I wanted to pass along a couple of ideas in the area of XMLC.  I'm interested 
in getting feedback on whether others see these are being useful additions.

Anyway - here they are:

- Provide automatic type/format checking of input fields via onChange events 
and javascript validator functions for client validation, and an XMLC-created 
method(s) for server validation.  This would provide rapid development of 
form pages, and give a desktop gui input
validation behavior to the user - providing user validation feedback at the 
client level where the feedback is much more immediate.

This functionality could be driven automatically by denoting the expected 
format of an input field - perhaps by adding a suffix to the ID value that 
denotes the expected format, i.e., myField_DATE (This is somewhat hacky and 
hopefully there is a better way to do this.)

So - what's missing here :

- the expected behavior in response to an invalid entry at the client level 
via javascript; this could be simply a dialog box that reports an error in 
the expected input field

- whether one and/or multiple server validator methods are provided for 
server validation - there could be one per format-designated input field - 
with the app controlling the resulting behavior - and there could be one per 
page that simply performs validation of all
format-designated input fields on the page and returns true/false

- Provide server-side include functionality in the toDocument method

Extending the toDocument method to perform server-side includes following the 
apache include convention - and also allowing these includes to be .po's in 
addition to static data - would provide server-side include functionality to 
all dynamic pages.  Allowing included
files to contain includes would be possible with recursive code, with 
error-checking for possible cyclic includes.

One issue here is being able to derive absolute locations from relative 
static content.  In using apache virtual hosts , different absolute "document 
roots" can be used for different virtual hosts.  Then all the other content 
can be relative static content, resulting in
content specific to the virtual host and using the same "skeleton" across all 
hosts.  This is useful in populating virtual host content, but this means 
that to perform a server-side include of a relative url, the absolute url 
needs to be derivable.

Any feedback/comments/thoughts are appreciated.

- Beth

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