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Re: Rocks: some XMLC ideas

Hi Beth,
   Thanks for the input... Some discussion below.

Beth McCanlies <beth@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> - Provide automatic type/format checking of input fields via onChange events
> and javascript validator functions for client validation, and an 
> XMLC-created
> method(s) for server validation.  This would provide rapid development of 
> form
> pages, and give a desktop gui input validation behavior to the user -
> providing user validation feedback at the client level where the feedback is
> much more immediate.

Form validation and support of libraries of javascript are under consideration
as part of Rocks; tieing them together is an interesting idea.  Validation
has to be done on both the client and server.  This needs to be done for
individual field values and for the form as a whole.
> This functionality could be driven automatically by denoting the expected
> format of an input field - perhaps by adding a suffix to the ID value that
> denotes the expected format, i.e., myField_DATE (This is somewhat hacky and
> hopefully there is a better way to do this.)

We are looking into having a table-driven method for generating the form
initialization where validation methods could be specified.
> So - what's missing here :
> - Provide server-side include functionality in the toDocument method

Does your application need runtime server-side includes or would it be
possible to do them when the page is compiled?

Note that the toDocument() method should normally not be used in
Enhydra applications.  Instead, use comms.response.writeHTML(Document).
This will allow cookieless sessions to work automatically.  

> Extending the toDocument method to perform server-side includes following
> the apache include convention - and also allowing these includes to be .po's
> in addition to static data - would provide server-side include functionality
> to all dynamic pages.

The API to presentation objects and servlets is an HTTP request, its not
possible to call them from a SSI; one needs a URL to do that.  Some other
SSI handler mechanism would be possible.  Can you describe the problem
you need to solve with this?

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