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Re: Rocks: some XMLC ideas

On 4 May 00, at 10:30, markd@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

> > So - what's missing here :
> > - Provide server-side include functionality in the toDocument method
> Does your application need runtime server-side includes or would it be
> possible to do them when the page is compiled?

I'd be interested in runtime server-side includes.  Esp. the ability to 
specify a java class that the "xmlc ssi engine" could create, and 
call with a parameter (say the page name or url).  A simple default 
class can be used to do a straight "read in file and dump here".  
That way, some user class can, at runtime, suck in an arbitrary 
file, or grab data from other sources (databases, other network 
services, etc).  The raw text returned from the class would be 
inserted diretly into the document at that point (it may contain 
html).  This would provide a nice way to do common headers and 
footers, and nist time, and a simple mechanism to aribtrarily 
extend xmlc po's... :)

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