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Xmlc: New home for Enhydra projects

Enhydra Community,


As you already know, Lutris Technologies has recently stopped developing application servers.  After many lengthy discussions we have come to the difficult decision to stop supporting the Enhydra.org web site as well.  On April 24, 2002 the server will be shut down. 


Projects housed on Enhydra.org that were not originally developed by Lutris are encouraged to find homes elsewhere.


Projects that were initially developed by Lutris and are governed by the Enhydra Public License (EPL) are hereby granted the right to move the project to Source Forge.  Note that the EPL requires that all Enhydra projects be housed on Enhydra.org.  This e-mail serves as a notice that Source Forge may be used as an alternative to Enhydra.org.  Project chairs or other interested parties are encouraged to move projects to Source Forge.


Affected projects include: Enhydra, Barracuda, Zeus, XMLC, DODS, Kelp, Aleutia, and Director.


Note that all other provisions of the EPL remain in force, which generally means:

1) Code changes must be made open source and donated back to the respective project prior to any commercial use.

2) Copyrights, trademarks, and patents are retained by Lutris and recognition must be given to Lutris when using these technologies (typically via a mention in documentation).


Best wishes and thanks for your support,


Yancy Lind

President, Lutris Technologies

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