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Re: Xmlc: RE: Barracuda: New home for Enhydra projects

On Tue, 16 Apr 2002, Christian Cryder wrote:

> Thanks for the heads up Yancy! Best of luck to you and Lutris in future
> endeavors, and thanks especially for the willingness to support the
> community by allowing us to move this stuff to SourceForge! We appreciate
> it!

Yup.  I was initially reluctant to move our project to Java, but
haven't regretted it.  I too appreciate what Lutris has done in
creating Barracuda and XMLC.

> Now to the community...time for everyone to pack up and prepare for the
> move. Couple of action items to be addressed ASAP:

> 2. At a minimum, we probably need to do the same with XMLC, either setting
> up a separate project (XMLC perhaps?) or incorporating the source into the
> Barracuda tree. Its probably best to keep them as 2 distinct projects.
> Anyone want to volunteer for this? David Young?

Seeing as how XMLC now compiles by itself (without the rest of the
Enhydra 3.1 source tree) I personally wouldn't want to see it folded
back into another project (though I'll be continuing to use Barracuda

If David doesn't want to handle it, I'd be willing to give it a go
(for XMLC).  However, I've never set up a project through SourceForge.

> 3. We are also need to set up new mailing lists. We could either use the
> source forge site, or we could use YahooGroups. Personally, I like
> YahooGroups, and there is already a BarracudaMVC group there (that is not
> currently in use). Once again, we probably need an XMLC group there as well
> (I just created xmlc-dev there for this purpose:
> http://groups.yahoo.com/group/xmlc-dev)

Already signing up, though their mailserver systems seem slow...

> 4. It would be nice if we could find a way to get the mail archives
> transferred over...anyone have any ideas regarding this?

Well, it is easy enough to run 'wget -r' to snarf all the html
messages, and put the archive up on a web server somewhere.  I don't
think Yahoo will easily allow them to be inserted into the current
mailing lists' history.

> 5. We obviously need to get stuff moved across and into cvs as soon as
> possible. Anyone with experience in managing a SourceForge project, please
> contact me.
> Is there anything I'm forgetting?

What happens when SourceForge dies?  VA is running out of money, and I
doubt that they will ever be profitable.  It's an unpleasant question,
but one I felt I had to ask...

James Graves, CTO
Delta Mobile Software                           http://www.deltamobile.com

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