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RE: Xmlc: Alternative to SourceForge?

On Wed, 2002-04-17 at 10:22, Christian Cryder wrote:
> Diez,
> > What about savannah [savannah.gnu.org]? I think Lutris could accept that.
> This looks like almost the exact same interface as at S.F...are they just a)
> running the same software under the covers, or b) is savannah.gnu.org hosted
> at S.F. behind the scenes? Just curious if anyone knows...

They're just running the same software. SF used to offer their current
version -- although poorly documented and riddled with gotchas -- for
download. But they've added enhancements to SF as well as the VA product
they sell to development crews for in-house issue-tracking, etc. (We're
running an older version right now, actually.)

Savannah is a response to the increasing (and necessary, IMO)
commercialization of SF. Will Savannah be able to scale? Time will

FWIW, I can help out with some of the SF stuff. I've run a project there
for a little more than a year
(http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/openinteract/) without too many
issues. I'd also recommend the SF mailing lists over the yahoo groups
lists, if only for the consistent interface for new people browsing the


Chris Winters (cwinters@xxxxxxxxxxx)
Java Developer

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