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Xmlc: ObjectWeb position about the sponsorship of Enhydra.org

Dear Enhydra community,

Following the ObjectWeb proposal to take over sponsorship of
Enhydra.org we, at ObjectWeb, would like to give you some explanations
about the intentions behind our offer.

ObjectWeb proposes to provide hosting to the Enhydra community in
order to allow the seamless continuation of Enhydra.org as an Open
Source community. We do not want to impose anything on you guys. We
hope that the Enhydra community will become as open as possible, and
we think that the fact that we are another open Open Source community
provide some guarantee on that.

ObjectWeb does not intend to take over the management of projects, but
just to maintain the infrastructure. We hope that most project leaders
will accept to continue their very valuable work on Enhydra.org. For
us, each project leader is fully responsible of his/her project
(project web pages, mailing lists, versioning policy, deciding who has
write rights on cvs, etc.). For those projects for which there is no
project leader any more, we encourage volonteers to take the lead.

We have asked Christophe Ney, one of the Enhydra architect and 
formerly in charge of the coordination between Lutris and ObjectWeb,
to help us coordinating the restart of Enhydra projects. 

It may be useful to formalize somewhat the way the Enhydra community
operates, and to have global coordination structure, but again it is
up to the Enhydra community to decide.

Please do not hesitate to contact us (mailto:contact@xxxxxxxxxxxxx) to
discuss or clarify anything.

More information about ObjectWeb and the way it operates can be found
at: http://www.objectweb.org/consortium/index.jsp

Alexandre Lefebvre, R&D Engineer
France Telecom R&D - DTL/ASR   
28 chemin du Vieux Chene - B.P. 98
38243 Meylan CEDEX - France
phone: +33 4 76 76 45 63 - fax: +33 4 76 76 45 57
email: alexandre.lefebvre@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
email: alefebvr@xxxxxxx

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